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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  March 23, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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long fans visited her star on the hollywood walk of fame to pay tribute to taylor. the late flowers and talked about her life and work. sander takes a look at the iconic woman who affected so many. >>reporter: elizabeth taylor was called one of the most beautiful women in the world. her violet eyes lit up the screen and memorable roles from on a hot tin roof to cleopatra which major the first actress to receive a million dollars for one card. her highly publicized real-life is punctuated by eight marriages to seven different men. richard burton twice. >> i think he's one of the finest actors honors. >>reporter: the taylor road into moviegoers hearts as a child actress in 1945 with national valve that. spiegel you're a pretty one pie >>reporter: actress downplayed her abilities. >> i love with the critics have never taken myself very
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seriously. my craft yes, but as an actress know. >>reporter: still taylor received five academy award nominations and twice named best actress for her role as a call girl in 1960 and as an ornery alcoholic wife in who is afraid of virginia woolf in 1966. through the years taylor battle the litany of healthy flows. it was a health crisis affecting other is that true for attention. she took up the fight against aids after close friend died of the disease in 1985. >> this is something, it's a catastrophe that belongs to all of us. it isn't a thing that belongs to a minority group anymore. >>reporter: taylor helped found the american foundation for aids research and established the elizabeth taylor aids foundation. later she publicly defended michael
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jackson appearing with the center several times and supporting him to an often critical press. late in her life the actress took to twitter where she opened up the fans about her health issues including a heart procedure back in 2009. twitter charitable work and her body of work on screen, she stood out as one of hollywood's most giving and most glamorous stars. santer and go reporting. >>pam: as mention one of taylor's passion is aside from fell was her work with aids research and education. we talked with a local aids foundation about her role in fighting the disease. >> contribution she raised by appearing at our offense was significant in getting the early funding which led to some major research development. kron 4 >>pam: jan wall will be on our set off at 6:00 to talk about the list as taylor's legacy. meantime, celebrities are responding on twitter to the news of the passing. kimberly is
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here to have a look at the tweets about the legendary star. >>kimberlee: taylor was a regular on twitter. in one day she quitted 10 days. let's take a look at the first one i have for you. steve martin gives us insight to her personality was as tweet us sang and elizabeth taylor several times, she was witty and self-deprecating which i found surprising and delightful. she loved to laugh. magic johnson treated, as a bit thank-you for all your help in the battle for hiv and aids. he will be missed by the world. elizabeth taylor was the silver screen legend, a tabloid favorite 50 years before branching lena and a tireless worker for noble causes. r i p. >>jacqueline: a live look at side overcast skies in the north bay. we see a mix of cloud and some this afternoon and also been seeing scattered rain. still
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seeing scattered showers through the east bay shore and also the delta and down in the south bay. the shower activity should pick up this evening. it is continuing to bring showers not only to the bay area but to all of california. tomorrow morning, we will see showers and the heavy rain and gusty winds. the wind speeds are not too impressive rate now, but there is a wind advisory in effect for the entire bay area. he could see here highlighted on your screen in the blue, we're going to see very gusty winds as we head into tomorrow morning. i 80 and wind gusts in the 30 mi. an hour range in san francisco, oakland and san or file. also in that range and livermore. in the later morning hours, it will start to pickups by 10:00 hour was so wind gusts in the 45 mi. an hour range. it will talk
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more about the wind and rain coming up in a bit. >>pam: turning to day three of the barry bonds trout. testimony from bond's former personal assistant and business manager. and dan is live in the federal courthouse with the latest. >>dan: steve hoskins testified all day he's not done any will be back tomorrow. this is barry bonds leaving court, just that all little less than an hour ago. today's steve hoskins former friend and business manager and personal assistant confided that bonds ask him to research the side effects of steroids, he complained once that is but heard from mr. wright shot and he talked about injecting himself. he also saw bonds body change you become more bigger and muscular. he was so concerned that is why he made that secret audio recording with greg anderson when they talked about stories. he said he wanted to play that tape for his father bought the bonds in
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hopes that he would put the end of the steroids. it that never happened though because bobby bonds is to build. during cross- examination the defense tried to portray steve hoskins as someone who can't be trusted. this suggested he forged barry bonds signature on various contracts as well as memorabilia. this suggested that on fired him as a result, and hoskins as a result lost out on the hundreds of thousands of dollars through contracts that bonds had canceled. they just basically suggested to the jury, that this is not a witness that can be trusted. cross- examination of hoskins is expected to continue tomorrow. reporting live from the federal courthouse and services go, kron 4 news. >>pam: stay with kron 4 and as we continue to follow the bonds perjury trial. coming up kron 4 news of 5:00, michael cardozo will be here to talk about the trial today. a news around the bay, prosecutors have dropped criminal
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charges against suspected madam because the case hinged on a narcotics officer who was accused of stealing drugs. the district attorney's office said other 40 cases the task force that he led it targeted prostitution and drug rings. authorities say 2 men and two dogs are dead after related shootings on the same block in oakland last night. police say the man who had not yet been identified or standing on a porch, when one gunman opened fire from across the street. investigators believe to dogs in the art across from the home were also fatally shot by the same assailant or assailants. there are a lot of bad roads in the bay area, many felt upon holds that would shake rattle your car. the roads only seen to be getting worse. in this
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edition of people behaving badly, stanley roberts looks just how bad some of those roads are. >>stanley: this is a part of san francisco's infrastructure. it's part of mission street and that is able to simply pick up a pothole. this is also part of a pothole is found in san francisco. it's so big i can actually try block barrier against it. if this is a many canyon in the embarcadero, although there's a battle as to who has responsibility for it. industry also in oakland has been in need of repair for years. he pager taxes so why are street so bad? stick around because of 5:30 p.m. i will look at oakland and 6:30 p.m. san francisco. and why these bottles are direct results of people behaving badly. >>pam: checking traffic now in san jose highway 1 01 at the guadalupe overpass, north and southbound moving quite well. a little sluggish on the overpass.
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will be back there's a news coming in about the giants.
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>>pam: vern glenn is here with more what's happening with the giants. what's going on? >>vern: of this stuff about the giants up until now is older grade, their champions. now we really have me to to want. colby ross injured today in tepe in a giants game against the angels. he was chasing down a fly ball and he gingerly walked off the field. he was taken by car to the giants' training room. here's what we know right now. mri is under way as we >> , the giants will not no more until they see the results of the mri. that will be some time tomorrow. it's all speculation until now. it could either be serious or nothing. it depends on how ross response
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after a battery of tests against that calf. now what are the options? i talked to my people in arizona. if cody can go who's in richfield? he would not commit although he would fill in the legs.the blanks. ths the great unknown. we all know what he did in october. we will see some of that interview saturday night. >>pam: we want to tell you about kron 4 is baseball special. gary is going to host baseball by the bay with a preview of the giants and a's. we will have interviews of the players and an up close look at spring training that's this coming saturday at 8:00 p.m.. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments..
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>>jacqueline: continuing to see scattered showers at this hour. the the green popping up on your screen showing were seeing a light rain and it's not widespread. we have more widespread rain coming in. this will be nothing compared to what we see tomorrow morning. 10:00 p.m. tonight, moderate rainfall
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or going to seal all over night and then here comes the big round of rain that were expected in the midst of the morning. the train picks up in intensity areas of heavy rain to the north bay, by 9:00 a.m. areas get heavy rain will be bay area wide. heavy rain over napa, san roof of concord concorprofin jose. by noon, the rain will mostly have slid down to the south south of the golden gate. we will see the scattered showers in the afternoon. we will see more moderate purse of rain tomorrow. flooding concern as we head into tomorrow. a flood advisory in effect for most of the bay area and that is the blue you see in the screen. a flood warning
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for the delta and fairfield near now but is well. periods of moderate to heavy rain sec. up to an inch an hour at times. right now the ground already is so saturated from the recent rainy can't take any more rain. that is why there's potential flooding. mainly this will be from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.. this will coincide with winds, a wind advisory effect for the entire bay area. the purple one your screen represents the highest wind warning. the strongest winds will accompany that storm between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.. twins 35 mi. an hour and gusts to 45 could bring down trees and power lines. we could see that there again tomorrow morning. like tahoe, up to 2 ft. of snow expected tomorrow up to 6
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in. on friday. we will continue to see more fresh powder in the forecast for the next couple of days. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, big storm out there tomorrow with the possibility of a lingering thundershowers in the afternoon. friday light showers, mostly just right and another storm on saturday morning. then we will finally dry out through the week. >>catherine: rob his back, new home sales last month's numbers were really disappointing. give us details? >>rob: it's all about perspective, time. some data that came out on new homes is the slowest pace on record. in terms of december 2003 levels, let's face it the housing boom was 2002 to 2006. we've almost given back 75 percent of the whole game. >>catherine: saying this is
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boiling down to new homes and verses existing homes, what do you mean? >>rob: existing homes have foreclosures lowering the prices they make up about 95 percent of homes sold. new homes started discounting in 20077 but not enough. new-home prices averaged 200 and 2000. last year it was 221,000. existing homes are about a hundred and 60,000. >>catherine: looking at houses they're looking at homes that have been standing for while, homes that might be in foreclosure. >>rob: how much will the cost for 2000 square foot existing home purses a new home. the housing market continues to be depressed and it will still play until 2012. if i had to buy a house today i would buy existing home verses a new home. the new homes have a bit of pricing pressure on them. the inventory is a bit
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high so makes it a buyer's market. if you're selling your house anytime soon i think it's a least 2012 before things get healthier across the board. existing homes rather than new homes. >>catherine: is going to say the economy is picking up, housing market is lagging. but maybe by next year. >>rob: the same 2012 since 2008. this housing market is painful to watch it. it's like watching paint dry. it's incredibly slow. >>catherine: 80 rob will be back with more news after this.
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>>kimberlee: yahoo is launching the new project called the search direct. google less than doing something similar, yobbos said their product is looking to match users with the answers not links. on a drop down menu to search of predicts what a user might be looking for ranging from like a popular search phrases or what their listings depending on what
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is type in. search direct it seems faster than google instant, in part because it is a refresh in the whole page each time. earlier this week we told you about the pressure apple was facing to remove a controversial i phone that. after more than 146,000 people signed a petition against the gay cure app, apple removed it from its app store. exit is international, the app was to " provide support for individuals who want to recover from home with such quality ". starbucks customers will soon have access to even more premium content. yes p.m., the economist, a media bistro and marvel comics have signed on as the latest content providers in partners in the starbucks digital network. the customers will get subscription and access to the sites for free. big deal. the kron 4 news at 5:00 coming up next, stay with us.
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>>pam: sliding rocks in the east and south bay. kron 4 brings you all angles of the conditions and shows you what to expect in the coming days. here is a live look at the storm tracker, you could see where ever there is grain that's a sign of the brain. kron 4 jacqueline tells us what it all means tonight. >>jacqueline: the areas of grain to talk about, those indicate scattered showers this afternoon. if continuing to see sunbreaks and the crane rolls and. for going to see conditions like these for the next several hours. there's the core of the storm, were continuing to the steady flow of


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